How to wake up at 530AM

Do you have your morning routine? I gotta tell you. If you don’t have your morning routine, I strongly recommend you to start working on it from NOW. Your morning is really important to start your day if you want to begin it with positive attitude and mindfulness! ♡WIN YOUR MORNING ♡ -Make a to […]

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Question of Love

Do you feel love now? What does love mean for you ? What does love stand for you? Does love make you happy or sad ? How does love encounter your life? What have you learned from love? I have encountered into the point of where I care about my happiness more because of the […]

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The world we live in

Hello there ! Do you like the society we live in now? I sometimes feel like I’m living in a world of darkness. There are wars, vilolence, unjustified news, unnecessary technologies, environmental pollution, etc. I decided to quit all of my social media, and to not compare and care about others. So that I can […]

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We love being happy and staying positive but there are always negative thoughts situations, and moments on our way. You think this is just how our life goes. However, there are many people in this world who are successful and have positive mindset in order to deal with it. How do they manage all of […]

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